Gear dropping

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    • Gear dropping

      Gear dropping is terrible on this server.. for me and my friend anyway. Most of the times the mobs are dropping useless things and not a single piece of gear which is very frustrating. I have just been killing so many mobs and they are not even dropping white gear, they drop all useless rubbish. Also I hardly get manastones that are suitable for my class. And the manastone failure is very annoying as well. One fail, all the other ones disappear.. it is happening too many times. 80% of manastones and enchantment stones are failing for me. This is like the standard server.. I might as well play on the standard sever if this is how it is going to be. At least it's easier to get mounts there. Please do something about this if you can, cuz I like this version of Aion and want to stay here. Thank you very much !!
    • Huhu and welcome here,
      I think Gear drops really well! Where did you mend this? Or. which gear did you want to get that?
      Mounts can also be dropped or bought, for example in Pernon no matter which level .. or in Innis Tiamat's fortress.
      The one with the manastones (if one is missing, they are all out) is normal and was at 3.9 times.
      Here, the odds could be improved a little something that is not so often or so much missing in the clean :)
      If you have questions, just ask.

      Greetings Elfe

      *Is written with google translator so not free from mistakes :)
    • Hiya,
      Thanks a lot for your reply :) I am talking about any kind of gear and accessories. At first at low levels they used to drop not too bad. But then for some reason the mobs started to drop useless items instead. I am not saying they don't drop gear at all, they do but one hear and there. I was hunting for yellow [gold] gear mainly to use on my char. or any kind of gear I can sell to make some kinah. I don't know if it's the case with other players but the mobs weren't dropping many gear items for me.. may be it's the RNG, I don't know..
      Also I do wish the manastones would stop failing so many times.. when I somehow fill most of the slots the last one usually fails and I lose every manastones then I have to start all over again.. I find it really frustrating. Anyway thank you very much for your help and support, I appreciate it :) Have a nice day !
    • With pleasure,
      if i can help i do that always :)
      Good farm points are Innis. Where's the Golden Set dropping in each level of you.
      For example, Haramel in Altgard, or fire temple Mohrheim, also Taloc Inni Gelkmaros, drop in higher countries / cards also duall mamasteine in the Elie Mobs, very nice! ^^.
      All I do not need is for sale or using mining tools in enchantment stones :)

      See you soon ingame :)